What is it like working with Ambassador Watches?

The watches I’m going to photograph today are from Ambassador collection. These guys are known for their excellence in luxury watches. They approached me for shooting and I couldn’t say no. The Ambassador brand is ultimately the people you should try to work with. The guys are super positive and it was a pleasure working with them. The Ambassador team needed HQ photos for their website and marketing campaign on billboards and television.

Unboxing the beauty

The Ambassador lads brought four sets of watches to the studio. All four pieces were presented in a luxurious black box. I was amazed just looking at it. The first box I opened had the Ambassador Heritage 1959 in it. That watch is simply gorgeous. After some time I opened the second one. It happened to be a gold watch, the Heritage 1863. It looked proper, elegant and I couldn’t resist looking at it. The Ambassador Heritage 1921 came next and it is actually my personal favorite. The colors are on point and the leather strap is so good. The last one I opened came out to be the black Heritage 1863. It possesses such a brutal look, I just had to give it a decent look. Tbh I thought of purchasing them all straight away.

I never did that before

It was a different feeling. Usually, I work with models, but this was my first experience with luxury products. So I set the lighting, placed the watches and started working. To make a truly great photo, all you need is a bit of experience, imagination and aspire to do a great job.

I started off by taking the pictures of the watch faces. One by one, I already knew that the end result would be great. Then I changed the angle and started taking photos sideways. The watches looked great no matter how you looked at them. Then I faced a big problem. I wanted to make macro photos, but I didn’t have the right less for it. I was like god damn, extra £2000 spent. It took around two days for the lens to reach home. These two days were spent coming up with the ideas for the best shot. The wait was well worth it, the end result was very good. So what can I really say at the end? Ambassador watches, I’d love to work with you again!

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