The new Nike sneakers, I’m the guy behind the photos.


Shoes are one of the best things which reflects a person’s personality. Photographing the new Nike sneakers is a creative thing, and only professionals with knowledge in the field can achieve the best output.

Nike shoes need exceptional attention. This the first thing people look at when they analyze your look. To see a shoe from various angles is the ability every professional photographer must have. Nike sneaker photography must cover all the aspect of the shoe: bottom sole, design, material and the stitching part of the shoe.

Best basketball shoes

I’m very proud that I worked with a big company like Nike as a shoe photographer, who has been in the shoe game for a decade. I’m especially happy that I worked for their famous and flagship shoe, the Spring 2016 Jordan Retro collection. Being a shoe lover myself, I loved these Jordans the most. Everyone knows Jordan is the best basketball shoe on the market. It looks stunning and eye-catchy. Lightweight and responsive, Nike made a truly great shoe, again.

Unique opportunity

I’m a fashion photographer. I have taken pictures of different models as well. Nike approached me for their 2016 shoe collection. I was shocked tbh. I haven’t worked with such well-known company before. I have put all my efforts to make the photos look better. I have also tried taking photos from different angles to make it look cool. I got a unique opportunity to examine those shoes before the launch. Getting this kind of gig is not easy at all. I didn’t want to lose my chance. After the shoot, I made the best editing I could. You know you have achieved something when you see your art presented on billboards.

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