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Professional photographer, sounds lucrative?


Okay, guys, how you all doing here? What we’re doing today? Of course, we’re talking about such profession as a professional photographer! I hope you’re getting some value out of these articles cause I absolutely enjoy writing it. I’d love to continue it and I need your help, let me know what topics I need to cover here. Anyways, let’s talk about photography, should we?

Should you become a photographer?

It depends on so many factors. We start with this, do you even love photos? I’m not just blatantly asking you that. Be honest with me. Do you rush to take that perfect shot? Does it really drive you crazy? Are you ready to work for years with no profit? Most people would reject that instantly and now you can ask yourself, are you ready for years of struggle and pain? Giving your 100% passion every single day? I think all is clear now.

Photography as a career option

First of all, is photography a profession or a hobby? Well, honestly at the state photography is right now, I would lean towards the hobby option. Everybody and their momma can become a photographer nowadays and you don’t need much, a photo camera and a tripod should be enough for you. So how can you call it a profession? Sure, you can definitely make a living off it, but that’s a rarity cause doing it the same way as anyone else won’t get you anywhere. Be different.

How to learn photography?

People buying courses and training. People getting degrees in photography. I’m laffin. Guys, we’re in the 21st century, get your sh*t together. You can find pretty much anything you need on the Internet for free. Do you really want to succeed in this job or you’re here just for the money? Stop paying money to gurus. The only way to become great in this industry is repeating the process 1000 times and adding your own creativity to it. It’s not just the photography, this works in any niche. No experience – you die. No creativity – you die. That’s it. Simple, isn’t it?

How to make it big in photography?

Well, we’re getting back to my previous point – be different. You won’t make it big doing the same thing as everyone else, I thought that this is so obvious, but year in, year out, I see more and more people following the same theme. “I have 10 years of experience”. Um, okay, are you good or nah? Sell your product, sell the experience, sell them stories. There’re so many ideas you can implement here, but the real question is, do you have the passion for it?

I think I’ve cleared some things up here. I hope you didn’t get the pessimistic vibe from this article. All I really wanted to say is do photography if you really love it. Do it if you’re ready to put 100 percent in. Don’t put money as your main goal. Thank you guys and we’re back with more articles soon.

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