My experience with Merino Wool. Good or bad?

New connections


Last week I was invited to the regional Europe event for Merino work experience. I was thrilled when I got an invitation from them. From luxury wool fashion to contemporary streetwear, Merino wool is loved by the world’s most influential fashion designers and brands.

The process

I was lucky enough to be one of the few people to work with their new set of clothes. From everyday premium apparel to high-end fashion, wool clothing remains an integral part of today’s fashion industry. I’m an experienced photographer and I have been given a chance to work with Merino models. I was brought to their school and I saw their models there. They then showed me their full collection and asked me to choose the ones for the set.

Fashion bloggers across the world are in love with Merino wool. The brand provides fashion designers with a perfect blank canvas full of infinite possibilities. I chose the clothes and then I needed to sort out the photo shoot location. They showed me many places, but I wasn’t satisfied at first. At last, they took me to a beach, an overall great place for any photo shoot.

After a couple of days, the place was set for shooting. I prefer outdoors to indoor shooting because the shots end up looking natural that way. The clothes looked stunning. Even the models absolutely loved it. The Merino models know their job, there’s no doubt about it. They made my work very easy. The whole shoot took 5 days and I enjoyed every bit of it.

Great experience

The Merino’s head of social media hit me up to check the status of the photography. He even asked me to show some photos I took. He liked the end result and then asked me to continue my work. These photos are the best artwork I’ve ever produced. With the world becoming more casual, primarily due to busy lifestyles, less formal workplaces and a desire for individualism, customers are looking for products that can adapt and change their lifestyle. The Merino company is working with partners to address this increasing trend of casualization.

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