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    Professional photographer, sounds lucrative?

      Okay, guys, how you all doing here? What we’re doing today? Of course, we’re talking about such profession as a professional photographer! I hope you’re getting some value out of these articles cause I absolutely enjoy writing it. I’d love to continue it and I need your help, let me know what topics I need to cover here. Anyways, let’s talk about photography, should we? Should you become a photographer? It depends on so many factors. We start with this, do you even love photos? I’m not just blatantly asking you that. Be honest with me. Do you rush to take that perfect shot? Does it really drive you crazy?…

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    What is it like working with Ambassador Watches?

    The watches I'm going to photograph today are from the Ambassador collection. These guys are known for their excellence in luxury watches. They approached me for shooting and I couldn't say no. The Ambassador brand is ultimately the people you should try to work with. The guys are super positive and it was a pleasure working with them. The Ambassador team needed HQ photos for their website and marketing campaign on billboards and television.

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    The new Nike sneakers, I’m the guy behind the photos.

    Specifics Shoes are one of the best things which reflects a person’s personality. Photographing the new Nike sneakers is a creative thing, and only professionals with knowledge in the field can achieve the best output. Nike shoes need exceptional attention. This the first thing people look at when they analyze your look. To see a shoe from various angles is the ability every professional photographer must have. Nike sneaker photography must cover all the aspect of the shoe: bottom sole, design, material and the stitching part of the shoe. Best basketball shoes I’m very proud that I worked with a big company like Nike as a shoe photographer, who has…

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    My experience with Merino Wool. Good or bad?

    New connections   Last week I was invited to the regional Europe event for Merino work experience. I was thrilled when I got an invitation from them. From luxury wool fashion to contemporary streetwear, Merino wool is loved by the world’s most influential fashion designers and brands. The process I was lucky enough to be one of the few people to work with their new set of clothes. From everyday premium apparel to high-end fashion, wool clothing remains an integral part of today’s fashion industry. I’m an experienced photographer and I have been given a chance to work with Merino models. I was brought to their school and I saw…